STRESSED by frequent, noisy and low-flying aircraft over your home?  You’re not alone!

In 2014 Gatwick Airport, without consultation or prior warning, began changing flight path patterns resulting in a number of previously tranquil areas around the airport being bombarded with plane noise.  As a direct result PAGNE was established to represent and speak for the residents of parts of West Sussex and, together with other community groups, we actively campaign for measures to minimise plane noise whilst seeking to balance future airport capacity growth with equivalent noise reduction

PAGNE Public Event – 6th March 2020


Many thanks to all those who attended our 6th March public event and for your generous donations to the Gatwick’s Big Enough campaign. Three highly informative presentations were given by our guest speakers, focussing on Gatwick’s Master Plan and its local and global impacts. Attendees heard details of Gatwick’s plans to increase flight numbers by 40% and passenger numbers by 50%, the majority of which would be without any formal scrutiny. Speakers outlined the devastating impacts such growth would have including; more plane noise, increased frequency of overflight, increased pollution, more adverse health impacts and increased road and rail congestion. We also heard a particularly interesting and very sobering talk on global climate change and the ever-increasing part airport expansion is playing in global CO2 emissions.

To have any chance of effectively challenging Gatwick’s expansion plans we will require significant professional support. This will be expensive and consequently we now need your financial support.

If you would like to make a donation please refer to the Donations section of our Home Page. All donations will go directly to the “Gatwick’s Big Enough” campaign – thank you.

Please also write to the Secretary of State for Transport and to the leader of your county and district councils to tell them that growth without scrutiny isn’t acceptable. Please use your own words, but some points you might want to make can be found here, click here

Key contact:

Secretary of State for Transport
Department for Transport
Great Minster House
33 Horseferry Road
United Kingdom



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