Formed in 2014, as a result of the introduction of Gatwick’s new flight paths, PAGNE has represented the views of local communities on aircraft noise, facilitated community input to the Independent Arrivals Review process and is an original Community Noise Group member of the Gatwick Noise Management Board. More recently, PAGNE merged with BIPLANE (Back Ifold, Plaistow & Loxwood Against Noise & Emissions) to create a Community Noise Group representing and supporting communities to the south and west of Gatwick Airport. To reflect its broader geographic footprint PAGNE, now renamed People Against Gatwick Noise & Emissions, continues to provide communities with an effective voice on aircraft noise issues. We remain fully committed to the mitigation of the unacceptable levels of arrival and departure noise currently being endured by local residents, often with little or no respite.

Our goal is to ensure that plane noise is distributed as fairly and equitably as possible and to provide a central reference point for residents in order that they can:

(a) better understand the noise issues: arrivals, departures, night noise, etc.

(b) be informed of all proposed noise mitigation activities and their anticipated impact

(c) be kept updated on the progress of these activities

(d) source appropriate industry contact details facilitating effective lobbying and complaint submission