Gatwick Master plan Summary and Questionaire


Gatwick have recently unveiled their Master Plan for future growth at the airport. To gather community feedback on their plans, Gatwick are carrying out a 12 week consultation which will end at 5pm on 10th January, 2019.

In summary, Gatwick are planning:


  1. the use of modern technology to increase capacity on the current main runway, meaning more planes, more noise and more pollution
  2. the full use of theemergency runway in conjunction with the main runway to create a 2 runway airport, increasing Gatwick’s capacity by up to 85,000 flights per year. 
  3. to safeguard land around Gatwick, to protect their long term goal of developing a new 3rd runway,potentially doubling Gatwick’s current capacity

These plans, if approved, will be devastating for the communities of West Sussex. Increased flight route concentration, combined with increased frequency of overflight will turn large areas of rural West Sussex into “noise ghettos”, compromising both our physical and mental well-being. With increased plane traffic will come greater emissions. At a time, when as a global community, we should be doing all we can to protect our fragile environment, it seems extraordinary that we are contemplating greater air pollution. The road and rail congestion we currently see around Gatwick is clear evidence that today’s infrastructure is incapable of handling the airport’s current capacity. Already there is frequently standing room only on trains from the south, once passengers embark at Gatwick. Without massive investment such congestion will only get worse.

Increased noise, increased pollution, increased road and rail congestion – WHY?

The answer – to increase the profitability of an airport setting itself up for sale. Don’t let the residents of West Sussex pay the price for the commercial goals of Gatwick’s international shareholders.

Please take the time to respond to Gatwick’s consultation. To help you frame your responses,  please click here to see a document which sets out each of the 11 consultation questions together with suggested responses in italics. We hope you find this helpful.

To protect our communities, resident health and the wider environment I would encourage you to respond 

A link to the Gatwick online consultation questionnaire can be found below.


Atholl Forbes

Chairman – PAGNE