Glossary of Terms

here are a huge number of abbreviations used which can be confusing, and we hope that the explanations below are useful for you.

CDA –  Continuous descent arrival

Dispersal – Spread of aircraft over a wide area within the radar manoeuvering area (RMA)

Easterly Arrivals – Planes landing from the west into an Easterly wind. These at present turn over Ifold and Plaistow to join the approach path

FED – Fair and Equitable dispersion of air traffic over our areas. Our aim is to achieve intermittent noise spread widely rather than hours, days or weeks of constant noise over the same area. See dispersaland staggering too.

ILS – Instrument Landing System

NMB – Noise Management Board – a committee of representatives from official bodies and campaign groups associated with the tracking and fair dispersal of Gatwick-related aircraft noise

PBN – Performance Based Navigation

P-RNAV – Precision Based Navigation

Respite – Periods of time when planes are diverted over a different areas to give other areas a break from the noise.

RMA  – Radar Manoeuvering Area