– NMB 9 January 2019

Gatwick Noise Management Board 13

9th January, 2019

The key points from the Gatwick Noise Management Board meeting were as follows:

Review of the NMB Constitution

Following an ad hoc meeting held in November, 2018 the Review Committee presented an overview of its further work and proposed next steps to NMB members. The Committee recommended preliminary changes to the NMB Terms of Reference including proposed Vision and Mission statements together with processes to accommodate route consultation and issue escalation. The Committee also provided further detail of a recommended structure for the NMB suggesting a two-tier structure including an NMB Executive Board (NEX) and an NMB Community forum (NCF) involving more community representatives and including greater local government representation. Feedback to the review also proposed reducing the size of the NMB Executive, while the NMB Community Forum will increase the breadth of community participation. The Community Forum is expected to be larger than the present NMB and to better represent the communities impacted by Gatwick plane noise.

The NMB accepted the Review Committee’s findings and recommendations, and requested that the Committee continue its work by developing a revised Terms of Reference for the new structures, taking account of the additional guidance provided by NMB members at the meeting.

The NMB will hold a further ad-hoc meeting in mid-March to discuss the Review Committee’s proposed changes to the NMB Terms of Reference.

NMB Workplan 2019/2020

The 2019/2020 Workplan was discussed and it was agreed that focus must remain on maintaining a downward trend in noise disturbance and in the numbers of noisier flights; so-called outliers. These noise reductions will be achieved via a more focussed set of noise reduction activities, including further improvements to operational processes such as a newly defined and implemented “Low Noise Approach”. With regard to departures, Gatwick has already initiated a review of all departure routes to identify potential opportunities to increase departure heights and so reduce noise. Results of this review are expected by end May. It was also agreed to review the benefits/dis-benefits of reducing the night time ILS minimum join point to 8nm (currently 10nm) to determine whether such a change would provide greater scope for flight dispersal. A further review and final sign off of the Workplan will take place when the new NMB constitution process is completed and it moves into its second three-year term.

The next meeting of the Noise Management Board (NMB 14) takes place on 8th May, 2019.

Atholl Forbes

Chairman PAGNE